Xbox One X Will Hit the Global Markets in November 2017

Xbox One X Will Hit the Global Markets in November 2017

Xbox Project, which is called Scorpio, has been around in the news since last year. however, Xbox Scorpio is not a project anymore. It has been a finished product of game console, which will be available this year. In its announcement few days ago, Microsoft revealed the new features in the machine, official name, release date, and price. Several interesting features will be available to enjoy in the console.

Interesting Features in Xbox One X

Microsoft has defined an official name for Xbox Scorpio project, namely Xbox One X. The company claimed that it would be the most powerful game console ever. Of course, a number of excellent features will make it so. The following are main features of the console:

More Powerful

The game console boasts six teraflops of GPU, which features 40 Radeon computing units and speed of 1172 MHz. This ensures that you can enjoy any gameplay seamlessly. A memory with 12 GB of GDDR5 on 384-bit is more than enough to save many media files. A memory bandwidth of 326 GB in this hardware is certainly higher than the one in GTX 1080.

The game console also comes with 8-core AMD CPU with a speed of 2.3 GHz and I TB of storage. A cooling technology, called vapor-chamber cooling tech, is installed to make sure that the console keeps cool for heavy-duty jobs. A 4K Blu-ray drive as found in its predecessor Xbox One S is also available here.

Xbox says  that Xbox One X is 40$ more powerful than any other consoles. It has faster processing system, real world detail, and smoother interactions. More interestingly, despite superior power, the Xbox One X is even smaller than Xbox One S, thus making it the smallest and most powerful Xbox ever.

Smoother Gameplay

The 8-core Custom AMD CPU brings real-world details, which make the game feel so real. The big graphic memory and more power enable bigger worlds and quicker load times. This way, you can enjoy bigger worlds in a hassle-free gameplay. The powerful GPU makes the characters feel more realistic and the environment feels as if it is real. Surely, you will be amazed with the smoother animations.

Immersive Gaming

The finished product of Xbox Scorpio supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), 4K Ultra HD and 4K DVR. The True 4K gaming brings action to life, thanks to the 2160p frame buffers. When the HDR is on, you will experience more luminous colors and richer graphics, such as Forza Motorsport 7. The HDR technology brings true visual depth with higher contrast ration between the lights and the darks. This way, you can enjoy optimum visual depth of the game.

Furthermore, spatial sound comes from Dolby Atmos speaker. Along with DTS:X, the speaker brings you to the core of 3D spatial sound. This must be wonderful, right? You can hear all of the conversation and sounds in the game clearly. This helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes during the gameplay.

High Compatibility

The Xbox One X is designed with high compatibility. It makes every feature in Xbox One hardware even more functional and smoother. There are more than 300 Xbox 360 games to play seamlessly.  It even supports games, which are still to be launched at the end of 2017 or the early 2018. They include Forza 7, which will be available exclusively on Xbox in October 2017. There is also Metro Exodus that will be available next year, Minecraft, State of Decay, Dragonball Figher Z, and many more.

If you have an older version of Xbox, you can use some nice accessories for the new console. This is a hassle-free option, since no adapter is need. Just plug and play them. If you have Xbox Live friends, game saves, or clubs, this is the time to bring them along with your on Xbox One X.

Xbox One X: Release Date and Price

Microsoft will release the powerful game console since November 7 this year. Price tags of $499 or £450 had been announced. They will also be available on online marketplace, such as Amazon. Of course, every retailers have certain requirements. Some retailers may require you to register first. The release date and price have been announced, but it is not yet available for pre-order. November 7 was chosen with the consideration that Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approval will have been at hand.

Finally, the coming of Xbox Scorpio project, or Xbox One X, is interesting news for those who are expecting the ultimate experience of gaming. Enjoy the real-life image and video quality, comfort-on-eyes colors and graphics as well as hassle-free gaming.
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