Overwatch Goes to the Moon with Horizon Lunar Colony Map

Overwatch Goes to the Moon with Horizon Lunar Colony Map

One year after its first release in May 2016, Overwatch game receives an update at the end of May 2017. Do you love the team-based game? If you do, you certainly wait for any update from the developer – Blizzard. It has leaked a new map set during the last few days. The new map is reportedly called Horizon Lunar Colony. As the name suggests, the new colony will act on the moon in a scientific base.

The new map is released as a part of the game’s first anniversary celebrations. Several screenshots are rolling out on internet.

What’s Interesting with the New Map of Overwatch

Players will enjoy some interesting features in the new map of Overwatch. The following are some of them:

The new map is set on the moon

The newest map is not going to talk about the present. Instead, you will be amazed with the moon circa 2060. It is going to talk about the next step toward exploration of space for human beings. The colony aimed at exploring how prolonged extra-terrestrial habitation would affect human and ape species. The team involved some scientists with extraordinary skills and knowledge. The research ran well, until.....

Overwatch Goes to the Moon with Horizon Lunar Colony Map

The story begins when all communications and contacts were lost with the scientific base.  The genetically-modified gorillas (Winston’s’ fellow resident gorillas) that inhabited the lunar colony revolted against the human and everything is lost since then. Many years after the exploration, two teams are competing to find the clues on the lost colony. Both are competing to take control over the colony’s facilities and find out the fates of the ape colony.

It tells about Winston’s Backstory

The Horizon Lunar Colony was said to be a place for Winston – a genetically engineered gorilla that was said to live on the colony. Winston is the Overwatch’s hero. It seems that the new map will focus on Winston’s backstory. The map intro video explains that Winston is one of the genetically engineered apes that go with the scientists.

 Overwatch Goes to the Moon with Horizon Lunar Colony Map

The developed hinted that two specimens are lost from the colony. They are specimen 28 and 8. Specimen 28 is Winston, the human-friendly ape. Specimen 8 is Hammond. The second character is still a mystery on whether he is another gorilla or the same one. The other apes rose up against the scientists. They took over the colony’s scientific base. The revolution forced Winston to escape to the Earth. You will see many gorilla characters throughout the map.

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault Map

This means that there are 2 checkpoints to get. The first is a little more verticality in this map. Some high points are available for both attacking and defending teams around the first capture point. The second is low gravity. Some said that it is a completely new gimmick. The point is that the low gravity applies on in certain regions in the map. It does not affect the overall plot of the game.

Overwatch Goes to the Moon with Horizon Lunar Colony Map

However, the gravity provides a different element to Overwatch. Players will also enjoy a new Arcade mode that enables low gravity on the map. Blizzard has tweaked the scoring system for several times. The last update was last month.

Release Date of the Horizon Lunar Colony

Blizzard released trailed of the new map few days ago for Public test in PC. No information is available on release date of the full version. However, you can play the new map and learn the core quick play as well as get accustomed to the competitive modes. If you play on Windows PC, you can visit Public Test Region (PTR) and play the new map since the testing launch.

The test will be available on PTR – the optional beta version of Overwatch, for few weeks. Then, Blizzard will roll them out to game consoles and PC. Again, no exact date is informed yet. Some predicts that the public servers will be available within two of three weeks after the map’s debut on the PTR.

Since the beta launching, several reviews on the new map have been around. Many gamers love the lunar setting, as it displays of panoramic views of the moon base. Here is where Winston – the main gorilla character – was raised. Some comment on the mysterious character, Hammond. Some others comment on the low gravity mode, which is said to break the competitive nature of the game.

Overwatch comes to the Season 5. Some mysterious characters will be revealed here. Do not forget the check and try out the new map when the public servers are available.

Horizon Lunar Colony Trailer Video

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