OnePlus 5: Expected Features, Release Date, and Price

OnePlus 5: Expected Features, Release Date, and Price

Rumor about the coming of OnePlus 5 has been around for some time. Many leaked photos and specifications seem to be successful in attracting people’s attention. Promo images that hint internet at the beginning of June make people convinced that the rumored June 20 launch is going to be true. The  date is related to a circled calendar image with OnePlus logo below posted in a Chinese social media website. However, the picture is not official. Therefore, concluding the OnePlus 5 release date based on the image is too soon.

Expected Key Features in OnePlus 5

The name OnePlus 5 was confirmed in May 2017 by the company. It means that the company will skip the name OnePlus 4 after releasing OnePlus 3 in June 2016. The phone is expected to come with high-end specifications and become in line with the best smartphones in the market. So, what you can expect from the upcoming flagship? Here are some of them:


Unlike OnePlus 3, the upcoming smartphone is expected to be simpler in design. It will be not much different from its predecessor and come with a metal body. However, some rumors also said that it would feature a glass design. Some people expect that the phone will come with a fingerprint scanner on the front side, instead of being on the backside.

Even though it will have many things in common with the predecessors, people still expect some changes in the new model as well as new color options. In fact, some people assume that the phone will not come only in gold and black color options. However, nothing could hardly indicate the possible color options.


Much can be expected from the upcoming phone. As a high-end phone, OnePlus 5 will feature several excellent specifications. It is expected to come with an 5,5-inch AMOLED display. It is not certain whether the display will feature full HD or QHD resolution. However, some reports said that it might have curved sides.

Snapdragon 835 will make sure that the phone is powerful, smooth, and efficient. As it is is proven in terms of performance, OnePlus still commits to your Snapdragon 835. It is dependable and working fast under graphically demanding apps. Performance of the phone will be optimum with Android Nougat. It provides the users with customization options. Users will also get unlimited access to android apps.

According to the leaks information, OnePlus 5 will be equipped with 6GB of RAM, complete with 128 GB of storage. However, some reports also said that it would come with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory storage. The phone will be supported by a larger 3.600 mAh battery, which will fit multiple functions. The company will also use Dash Charge technology in the phone to make sure that it charges faster (by 25%) than its predecessor.


The upcoming phone will feature two cameras on the back. Instead of being positioned vertically as the previous rumor said, they will be positioned horizontally.  As reported by the company representative, they had collaborated with DxO, a company that supports DxOMark. The collaboration will result in cameras that enhance your experience in photography. The company is known for high quality camera and lens.

Headphone Jack

Many people still wonder whether the phone will come with a headphone jack or not. Even though it has declining popularity, many people still consider the headphone jack important for a smartphone. Headphone is still an important accessories for those who love enjoying music anywhere. Even if it will have one, many enthusiasts still wonder where it will be placed, whether at the top or the bottom of the device.

Release Date and Price of OnePlus 5

No exact date has been provided by the company on when OnePlus 5 would be launched. OnePLus One was launched in April 2015, followed by launching of OnePlus 2 in July 2015. Then, OnePlus 3 was launched in June 2016. Therefore, people speculated that OnePlus 5 would be launched in June or July. However, the company confirmed that consumers would not wait long from the launching date to the shipment. In the US and Europe, for instance, the phone will be on sale on the day of announcement.

What about the price, OnePlus 5 is expected to be a high-end smartphone. It may be as much as $650. This is estimated from the increasing trend of OnePlus phones’ prices from the first version to the last. Therefore, it is rational that the phone is expected to be costlier than its predecessors are.


OnePlus 5: Expected Features, Release Date, and Price

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