BlackBerry KEYone: Android Smartphone with Superior Security

BlackBerry KEYone: Android Smartphone with Superior Security

It may sound unusual that BlackBerry runs on android, but it is real in BlackBerry KEYone. So, it is not surprising that BlackBerry calls it distinctly different, distinctly BlackBerry, since the phone is different from the previous versions. Of course, BlackBerry still installs some of its own features inside the phone. So, let’s take a look at how the phone is different from and excels the previous phones. Will be a masterpiece?

Main Features in BlackBerry KEYone


BlackBerry KEYone is designed with a dimension of 5.8 in x 2.8 inc x 0.37 inc for height, width, and depth, respectively and a total weight of 180 g. It is built to allow the users do more with its strong aluminum frame, soft texture back to prevent slipping, and impact resistant 4.5” display to prevent from scratches.

The phone also comes with smarter keyboard as there shortcuts to bring you up to apps you use most frequently and contacts. Some keys can be used as shortcuts to certain apps, such as B for Browser.  The keyboard is designed in a smart way with contextual auto-correction. Flick typing technology is equipped with personalized learning engine, which learns how you type and predicts the next word.

BlackBerry KEYone: Android Smartphone with Superior Security
You will be amazed on how the phone is designed for simple navigation. Touch navigation feature works to respond to touch gestures. It works the way a trackpad does. This way, you can scroll through emails or webpages effortlessly by using the touch sensitive keyboard. The four-inch display is equipped with a variety of high-tech features. They include 24-bit color depth to ensure sharp images, 433 PPI, and 1620x1080 IPS LCD. 


Running the newest Android 7.1 Nougat, BlackBerry KEYone promises superior performance. It provides you with access to millions of apps on Google Play. Yes, with this phone, you can do more, do faster, and do everything with zero compromise. BlackBerry installs great features to make file sharing easier and connecting with people hassle-free. The outstanding performance is supported by the following features:
  • Processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor featuring 625 Octa-Core 2.0 GHz. The 650 MHz and 64-bit Adreno 506 feature ensures that the phone works without compromise. 
  • Memory. Would you like to use it for simple communication or for saving multimedia files, such as images, videos, or documents? The phone is a great companion, since the phone is equipped with 3GB RAM and 32 GB Flash. Not enough? Just expand the memory up to 2TB via microSD.
  • Connectivity. USB Type C and USB 3.1 allow you to connect the phone to external gadgets. So, multi-tasking is made easier.
  • Battery. Do not worry to bring the phone anywhere during the day. The non-removable Lithium Ion batter comes with 4.4 V and 3505 mAh. It is also equipped with fast-charging technology. Yes, it charges up to 50% only in 36 minutes, thanks to power management tools, such as Boost, which make the charging process faster.

Great Camera

You will enjoy impressive photo quality with BlackBerry KEYone at hand. It delivers ultra-sharp photos under any light situation. The 12-MP main camera delivers large 1.55μm pixels, thanks to the industry leading camera sensor being installed in the phone, namely Sony IM378 Sensor. Do you like selfie? The front camera comes with 8 Mega Pixels, complete with wide angle lens and flash.
What about video-recoding features? The phone is equipped with 4K video recording technology that allows you take videos at 30 fps. Other camera and video features include:
  • Fast focus lock
  • PDAF (Fast Detect Auto Focus)
  • 23.0 lens with HDR 6-element
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Dual Tone LED Flash
  • Live filters, burst, and panorama, and many more

Improved Security

BlackBerry claims the phone as the most secure android smartphone. Why? The phone is installed with a number of security apps to make sure that you are free from any kind of harassment. The following are some of them:
  • DTEK security monitoring app. The application is developed specially for Android app by BlackBerry. The app works to prevent you from any risk of privacy abuse. It automatically controls you OS and apps, instantly identifies when your privacy could be at risk, and immediately notifies you about the risk. 
  • BlackBerry Password Keeper. The app is useful for keeping password of your email accounts, social media accounts, work application, online banking, and so on. It stores all your passwords in a secure way.

Besides the two main security apps, BlackBerry KEYone is pre-installed with other useful apps.  They include BlackBerry Hub that consolidates all your messages in a single place, including email, social media, phone calls, and calendar. There is also BlackBerry Calendar that synchronizes with work account for truly integrated experience. So, are you ready to grab one?
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