Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed!

Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed!

Hello gamers, are you waiting for a thrilling game with horror theme? Friday the 13th Game can be the answer for you. After being launched on May 26, 2017, the game has been widely reviewed. Yes, it has been one of the most anticipated horror games of all time. Being created and developed by IllFonic, the game will finally bring you to the thrilling sensation of playing the role as Jason Voorhees. The game was published by Gun Media and released on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Therefore, gamers in the world will able to enjoy the thrill by using several devices.

Friday the 13th Game: The Gameplay

The Game

Friday the 13th Game provides you with the real scene of the movie, which has been transformed into a thrilling game. You can play this multiplayer game with other friends – up to 10 players. Six players play as counselors that fight against a single killer, Jason Voorhees. You can play as a counselor that tries to escape from Jason Voorhees. As a counselor, you work as a team with other 8 counselors to escape the most brutal killer, Jason Voorhees. Your mission is to survive.

Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed!

However, you will have the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees – the most well known killer in horror scenes. As Jason, you will have a number of abilities to track, to hunt, and even to kill your prey. For instance, you can walk on the shadows and scare you targets. You will use any chance to kill your targets in the way you want. You can be as brutal as your imagination.

The counselors include Jenny Myers, Vanessa Jones, Adam Palomino, Kenny Riedell, A.J. Mason, Chad Kensington, Eric Lachappa, Tiffany Cox, Deborah Kim, and Brandon Wilson. There is also Tommy Jarvis, that is playable if he is contacted by a counselor who is killed.

The Challenges

You will have several tools and equipment to survive from the attacks, to escape the most-well known kller that constantly tacks you down, and even to take down the unbeatable man. You can escape by using a car, escape with a police, or even survive on your own way until the session runs out of time. In every gameplay session, the players will be provided with a new opportunity to prove that they can not only survive, but also to beat the most prolific killer in the world.

Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed!

The only way you can survive is killing every unfortunate souls that cross your path. Otherwise, you will be killed! Be careful on every step you make. You may choose to hind stealthily from the killers or work together with other counselors as a team to escape. Yes, your life depends on how you survive and use every way possible to escape the brutal killers.

As you level up, you will be able to unlock various incarnations of Jason Voorhees that you have seen in te movies. More interestingly, you will unlock two entirely new designs. In this stage, Jason is equipped with better capabilities to attack his prey. They include heightened vision and hearing and ability to teleport to the areas outside the camp.

The Scenes 

Friday the 13th Game takes place on Camp Crystal Lake. Here, the players will have to survive in a camp ground setting. The scenes will look real, as it is complete with cabins, lake, and brutal killer who will never stop before you get killed. 

Overall, every aspect of the game is drawn from the movies, which you are familiar with. Everything is crafted to bring you to the visual scenes of the 80’s. When launched, the game is available in 3 playable maps, which are based on the movie locations. Besides Camp Crystal Lake, there are Packanack Lodge and Higgins Haven.

System Requirements for Friday the 13th Game

To install and enjoy the game on PCs that run on Microsoft Windows OS, make sure that your device meets the following minimum system requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher 
  • Processor: Dual Core 64-bit CPU with 2.0 GHz capacity 
  • Minimum memory: 8 GB of RAM 
  • Storage: Minimum space availability 3.5 GB 
  • Graphics: GOU with 2 GB of Video RAM, with DirectX11 compatibility 
  • Internet connection
For smoother play, you are recommended to install it on device with higher specifications. The recommended system requirements slightly varied with different reviews. Some said that it needs at least Intel Core i3-530 CPU and only 5 GB of RAM.

This is the time to prove that you are not only a counselor, who tries to escape the killer. You can be the killer himself and show the world that you can beat your enemies and become a brutal killer. Enjoy the thrill!
Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed! Friday the 13th Game: Be Prepared to Kill or Be Killed! Reviewed by Edward Dunham on May 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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